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Authentic Indian Groceries: Where to order online?



All around the world, India is known for its authentic unique flavored spices and groceries. No matter where we Indians go, we will always crave for the taste that we are consuming since our childhood. The ‘not so spicy’ western food is just ‘not so digestible’!

When you live in India, it is obviously no big deal. But when you move to any other country for studying or settling down, especially in the US, it is clearly troublesome to find authentic Indian groceries. No doubt, there are a lot of stores in every country that sell Indian groceries. But, you cannot tell whether they will produce the same rich flavors for your tastebuds or not!

Indian Groceries in the US

A large community of people who trace their ancestry to India resides in the US. And for several reasons, Indians stay loyal to their native cuisine. Therefore, there is a dependency on the groceries imported from India to fulfill the daily needs.

When the common big international malls may disappoint you, the stores dedicated only to authentic Indian groceries come to the rescue. As the number of immigrants is increasing, a rise in the number of stores providing Indian groceries is also visible.

But, again the downside is that these stores might not be near to the area where you live. And that’s when the online grocery stores enter into play.


Best Online Indian Grocery store in the USA

Most of the time, Indian grocery stores are the only places where you can find certain spices and foods. The good news is that there are plenty of stores to choose from. And the bad news is that all of them won’t have all the food that you are looking for.

But, wait!

Looking at the needs of all fellow Indians in the USA, here is an online store that can provide you with every item that you have on your shopping list.

Get Grocery Box


Why shop for groceries from different places when you can get all that you need from a single online store? Get Grocery Box is an online Indian grocery store that delivers throughout the USA! It ranks among the topmost online stores for authentic Indian groceries in the US, and it operates from New Jersey. When you browse its website, you will feel like you are shopping for products right from India itself. Below are the reasons why you should check the store right away:

  • Products from all your favorite brands: Get Grocery Box brings you products from all the famous Indian brands. From Amul to Aashirwaad, from Nestle to Britannia, from MTR to Kohinoor - you name it, you get it. Patanjali products are also available in this online store.
  • Wide range of Products: This online grocery store in the US deals with Indian groceries, Spices, Beverages, Snacks, Organic Indian foods, and Health and Beauty products too.
  • Fresh Groceries: In the grocery section itself, there are 15 categories to choose from! A variety of products are available in bakery, canned food, condiments, cooking oil, dairy, noodles, flour, desserts, and a lot more.
  • Indian spices: Don’t you crave for the pani puri that you ate back in India? Doesn’t the taste of homemade biryani suddenly makes your mouth watery? Well, Get Grocery Box clearly knows about all your Indian cravings. You can get all the spice blends and prepare your favorite dishes at home. Herbs and spices are available in powdered as well as in whole forms. Brands like 24 Mantra, MDH, and SWAD fill definitely make your stomach feel like home.
  • Snacks: Well, isn’t picking up snacks the most important part of grocery shopping? We Indians are so fond of grabbing munchies in-between and after meals that we have separate shelves dedicated to them in our kitchens. That’s why Get Grocery Box also has a separate section listing out all the snacks that you’d like. There’s salty and spicy namkeen, dry nuts, candies, crunchies, sweets, and special after meal snacks to feed your soul.
  • Beverages: As Indians, tea is included in our daily routine. Whether it is green tea or milk one, we need it in the mornings and evenings too. Here, you can find a diverse collection of instant tea, herbal tea, loose tea, and tea bags - from 19 brands including Tetley and Wagh Bakri. Along with tea packets, you can also get fruit juices, milk and creamers, coffee, and supplement juices.
  • Health and beauty: Along with the authentic Indian groceries, Get Grocery Box also provides you health and beauty products. The good old Dabur, Parachute and Santoor products will continue to serve you in the USA too. Commodities related to Hair care, bath & body, dental care, massage oils, skin care, and vitamins will be delivered right to your homes.

So, what are you waiting for? No matter where you are in USA, start filling up your virtual shopping carts and get your authentic and treasured Indian groceries delivered. Head over to now!

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